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Jeremy C. Shipp is a fiction author whose written creations inhabit various magazines, anthologies, and drawers. These include over 30 publications, the likes of ChiZine, Bare Bone, The Harrow, Flesh and Blood, Until Someone Loses an Eye, and Darkness Rising. While preparing for the forthcoming collapse of civilization, I enjoy living in Southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse with my life partner, Lisa. I'm currently working on many stories and novels and I'm losing my hair, though not because of the ghosts. You can visit my online home.

I've been blessed with a variety of interesting jobs: a covert position with the CIA's Directorate of Operations; attorney in an international law firm; in-house counsel at the Osaka headquarters of Matsushita Electric; executive in a Silicon Valley technology startup.
These days I write full time: a thriller series about half-Japanese, half-American freelance assassin John Rain, whose specialty is making it look like natural causes. My agency training, my experiences in Japan, and a background in martial arts all inform my writing. If you like edge-of-your seat action, exotic locations, realistic spycraft, steamy sex, and a killer with a conscience who is "the stuff great characters are made of" (Entertainment Weekly), and if you like books by Lee Child, Joe Finder, Ian Fleming, Ken Follett, Vince Flynn, Graham Greene, Richard Marcinko, David Morrell, Daniel Silva, Trevanian, Andrew Vachss, and Marcus Wynne, the Rain series is probably for you.
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You can learn more about the books, and find tips on writing, photos of locations in the novels, and much more, on my website.

The Curse of Kali by Audrey Blankenhagen
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C.L. Talmadge, author of the Green Stone of Healing series, is familiar with the intimate link between spirituality, energy, and healing. The Ancient World of Azgard. Can energy heal? Has the human race survived global cataclysm before? Is it possible to reunite with loved ones and soul mates? Do we live more than once?

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This book is a good, strong, multilayered example of a hugely popular genre. It is fantasy and adventure, with a glimpse into a possible parallel reality of someone else’s imagining. THE MAPPING OF MARKESH is written with a hand that is both sure and light; Paul Tonks’s creation, the Hidden Continent, is logical within its inherent fantasy.
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This chapter is very intriguing, and draws me to continue reading. The Characters are clearly described, as are the surroundings. It has me curious to know what lies in future pages for the dear King Tayo. Excellent start to an exciting story to come.
Comment Written by kinrenton
Dear Author, Chapter One is a fine, engaging, and well written reading experience which the author writes beautifully and entertainingly throughout. I love your flawless description of the castle, the queen, and other characters and their particular histories. I think your dialogue works quite well.
Great write,
The Masked Writer
Comment Written by
Cloaked Writer Inc
The way you describe things in your work makes you think you are
really there you can visualize it. Very well written will go back and
start with chapter 1 hope to see more of it.
I would also like to have one of the milonights! Anything with blue eyes
that likes a sharp dresser is great in my book! LOL
Thank you for sharing...Robin ^&^
Comment Written by
An astonishing piece of writing. You have brought the reader right into each of the scenes. Your characters, although many, are so descriptively portrayed that one has no difficulty following the story line. And the mesh of the old with the modern is really unique. If there was a category for six stars, I would have given you that.
Thoroughly enjoyable.
Comment Written by fastdigit
This is a darn well done story, Christine. I found nothing wrong with the story.
Comment Written by
WOW! This story is brilliant, with such descriptive language and so much imagination, it is a true work of excellence. It held my attention really well, write more soon, I am looking forward to it.
Comment Written by
Outstanding writing! You really take the time to choose your words and lavish all the attention that they need in order to sit just right! Very good! Chris.
Comment Written by
Heck of a nice job of building this chapter, Christine.
Comment Written by Norbanus

This is awesome! Very well written. I like the cover you've used to illustrate this. Great graphics, did you make the cover? I like this.. what more can I say??
Comment Written by carolinasangel

Wow! this is something else. Your talent shows through here. Your storyline is well set and your characters come to life...well done. :-) Alex
Comment Written by
Alexander Brogan

That was quite interesting. Good job, I like the way you easily describe settings and build on chracter descriptions without overtly flexing your author muscles. Good job. Enjoyable read.
Comment Written by thebestsoul
Good story. The character interaction, the emotion and the dialogue were all great. This tale had a nice pace to it; it kept my interest up. I look forward to reading the next chapter.
Comment Written by
A well written piece. The characters were wonderful, I like the names you picked for them. They came alive, very good descriptions and imagery throughout the story, it was a good read. There isn't a thing that I would want to change. Thanks for sharing.
Comment Written by
Iron Maiden707
You drew me in right from the beginning and didn't let go. It truly is an outstandingly well written piece and if the whole book is this good you truly have a bestseller on your hands.
Comment Written by
This is a very intense chapter. I do not know if I have read any of the other chapters but judging by how well written this one is You have a winner of a novel. The dialogue is intense and believable. The action is smooth, alive, and full of drama. The descriptions are vivid and intense. All and All this is a very good work.
Comment Written by wintersknights
Wow, a long chapter, but well done. I was pulled into the story due to your details of the room, and the character development. Again, well done. Thanks for sharing. Mary
Comment Written by
This is excellent. I did not find anything wrong with this since you pulled me in to the work and kept me there. I knew that I had to leave this morning only to come back to the site but I could not leave this novel and decided to continue on. I loved how you keep the intense emotions on a level that is almost breath taking.
good writing.
Comment Written by wintersknights

Christine Jones,
This is another great chapter. You done a wonderful job as always. I definitely can't wait to read more! Write on! Candy
Comment Written by carolinasangel

Excellent writing
the descriptions are vivid and realistic. The passion and emotions are transferred to the reader as they help pull you into the world. I find the scenes realistic and alive. good work, good writing
Comment Written by
Hey I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a well written chapter. I could find no technical errors or such to help you with. Good job.
Comment Written by
I found this chapter building up to a part in the plot that is exciting. The dialogue and the patterns of their minds is very natural. I liked it very much and can not wait until the next one. The power of your voice is fantastic.
Comment Written by
Love the work it is definitely worth all the five stars that I gave it. I loved all of it and you should keep up the excellent work.
Comment Written by Ashlee14
This is great.
I am going to have to start with chapter one instead of bouncing here and there! lol
Nice work as always! Very well written.
Comment Written by carolinasangel
A very well written chapter here. A bit long but nothing wrong with that. Just took me a while to read it, that’s all. I’m enjoying the story and the characters here, good job.
Comment Written by Crimson Steel
Great work keep it up its great that you can write so much I gave your work
five stars cause I felt that the work is worth that much.
Comment Written by Ashlee14
A very strong chapter
The strength of the characters is very detailed in this work. I feel the anger and the emotions that fold out with great force. The dialogue is great.
good writing.
Comment Written by wintersknights
As always the writing is wonderful. I am really enjoying this story and have gotten my son reading it as well. He thinks it's as good as the published book he's reading now. Your description is excellent and put you right there with the characters
Comment Written by tinker067
Christine, these chapters get better and better with every stroke of the pen. I think this is great! Wonderful work!
Comment Written by carolinasangel
this is one fast moving chapter that I found I could not read fast enough. This took my breath away and pulled me into reading more. Your world is fantastic just what a fantasy nut wants.
Comment Written by wintersknights

The names of the characters are unique, but not too far out there, I like that. The chapter is very well written, just like the read. You've done a great job.
Comment Written by carolinasangel
Excellent. This isn't even the genre of story that I normally would read but you've done such a good job that you've got me hooked.
Comment Written by tinker067
Hands down, 5 stars. Very nice writing. It's edited, it has flow, the meanings of sentences are clear, you establish visual stimulation along the way (descr), and I enjoyed reading it. Go for it CJ.
Comment Written by
Jon Kuntz
That was a great story. I loved it. You had a lot of great detail. You are a great writer. There is not really anything that you have to work on. Your story was amazing. You are really talented and have a lot of skills.I can't wait to read more of your works of art in the very near future.
Comment Written by