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From illiterate to author, a thirty year dream becomes a reality.
5 books published in 1 month.

From illiterate to author, a thirty year dream becomes a reality.
A victim of bulling and molestation as a child, Christine Jones could not concentrate on classroom activities. Escaping into the imagination was a way of survival for her. Though she wrote stories, they were scribble, lacking proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Persistence and help from her own children and writer's sites enabled Christine to perfect her writing ability. She believes if children were encouraged to write their true thoughts without judgment or fear of punishment, it would see less illiteracy and other issues being hidden. It would also enable adults to pick up on problems more easily than trying to get a child to verbalise what they fear or are experiencing.

I feel I’m an example of this strategy, Christine says. My journey from illiterate to author could have been reached sooner if I’d not felt the need to hide my problems and go it alone. Talking can be intimidating to children and even adults, especially with people they don’t know and can be even harder to convey to those you love. Throughout my life I have so many times scribbled down thoughts on paper then screwed them up, as I personally felt I had no one to give them to and no one who would understand. Depending on my mood, the scribbles could be considered quite disturbing and even offensive; nonetheless, it was my way of letting off steam, fears, hurts etc. You also learn how to hide illiteracy and your emotions well, which in my case led to going it alone and taking a good twenty years to perfect my writing. I can now turn a 400 page sentence into a viable book. I might be writing fiction, but my life story and lessons learnt can be found throughout all my books in one form or another. A councilor once told me I had experienced what others would not see in three life times. I see myself as a survivor, not a victim and everything is for a reason. I'm a great believer of; this is a journey of healing, learning and greater understanding, not a journey of punishment.

In one month Christine published ‘Signature for Sunshine’, ‘Aus Com’, ‘Died and moved in’ and ‘The Snakelex Report’. Though she is multi genre, her pride and joy are the Mariard volumes, having completed 7 of the 10 books. Science fiction fantasy, ‘Mariard Volume 1 The Gifting’ was scribbled out over 20 years ago, released February 2008. Mariard Volume 2 Glass pawns will be out in March 2008.

Press Release for ‘Mariard: Volume One- The Gifting’

As a fantasy and science fiction novel, ‘Mariard Volume One: The Gifting’, surpasses many of its predecessors and sets Christine Jones apart as a heavyweight in the genre. Set in a wonderfully imaginative world that draws the reader in, the reader will be captivated by the compelling characters and wonderfully action sequences.

The novel begins by introducing us to the mythical land and King Tayo, who is persuaded to deceive his kingdom and start another in the ice fields, where he raises his daughter to be a warrior. Tayo leaves behind his son to be raised by the sacred priestess Artemis. As the story progresses, the Kingdom is overthrown and the Mariard’s only hope for survival are the gifted with their unique abilities. The novel traces the battle that rages between the usurping Necropolis and the ousted Mariard.

Far from being a war novel, ‘Mariard Volume One: The Gifting’, explores some of the issues surrounding responsibility and respect. In a battle that turns into a dangerous and critical game with no rules, only those who have come to best understand their own gifts can prosper.

Jones presents us with a brilliant novel that is something of a cross between ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Iliad’. Written for all those who love to be transported into mystical realms of the imagination, the book will keep you turning the pages until the novel concludes. Neither predictable nor bogged down in details, this book is a refreshingly powerful story that introduces us to the captivating world of the Mariard and leaves us impatiently waiting for the next instalments of this wonderful tale. The author has already completed the second and third volumes, which will be published soon and the other seven are expected to be ready within months.

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From Illiterate To Author, A Thirty Year Dream Bec...
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Topics Christine Jones is experienced in.
  1. Childhood and teenage bullying.
  2. Molestation on different levels.
  3. Illiteracy
  4. Unemployment
  5. Being in the armed services - Air force
  6. Single parenting
  7. Losing everything in bushfires.
  8. Alcohol and drugs
  9. Schizophrenia
  10. Suicide of her brother
  11. Domestic violence
  12. Divorce
  13. Self worth recovery
  14. Warnings and finding love through the internet
  15. Immigration
  16. Death of her father to heart attack
  17. Writing

Christine can talk on these and more issues. Contact cjbooks for interviews. Also check out Christine's Quests page.

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